The start of a new life…

Okay, so maybe the age of 38 isn’t exactly when a girl should start her life over, but I have never been one to follow the rules to be honest.  

Hey, I’m Constance (not my real name) and this is going to be documenting everything me.  Only thing I will try to leave off this blog will be politics, because I don’t want to deal with the hate it’ll cause.  

Little about me, I’m currently in training to be a school bus driver (won’t name where because one, I really need this job; and two, I don’t want to put any of my future charges at risk).  I’m a born again Christian, who belongs to an awesome house church, have a cat with a geek name that fits (Steve lives up to his namesake he’s the trolliest of cats I’ve ever had and Steve Rogers can be such a troll at times so… Yeah.

Let’s see here what else because really this post may be one of a few times I will post out of character…  

I should mention who that is…  Constance Aerie is a Steampunk pierate living in the modern age throwing a wrench into anything she can thrpow it at.  She’s kind of my way to escape reality for a bit and look at things from outside the box.  I’m not crazy, she’s just my way of playing around with different points of view.  Unless the post is labeled as a fanfic, it’s an exercise for me to work on my writing.  

And since I don’t like writing it, any of you hoping to come here for middle aged sex fantasies, yeah, look elsewhere.  I’m not saying all the stories here will be kid friendly, but I do fade to black with those scenes.  Violence, not so much, but I will try to remember to tag them all with content warnings as I go along.  
Crafty things: I will be putting craftascraftas here as well, be it crochet patterns, planner spreads, cooking, or even polymer clay and scrapbooking projects.  I dabble in a lot of crafts as well as scribbling (I refuse to call what I do drawing!!!).  Once in a while I might do #icantdraw posts, which will be photos of my sketchbooks or as they’re turning into… Worship collage books, half the time I doodle in them with no real focus as a way to shut off my mind for a bit and just listen to what God’s telling me. For some reason, I doodle a lot of old wooden styled canoes.  

Some of the posts here will have corresponding videos on my YouTube channel.  Those will be kid friendly posts because, yeah YouTube, but don’t expect it all to be safe for the little ones.  Most of the fandom’s I’m into aren’t for kids under the age of 13 in the USA.  Even then, I have to wonder about what parents are thinking when it comes to what the kiddos are exposed to (this coming from someone who was reading Stephen King before she was ten).  

Okay, now that I’ve rambled for an hour and it’s past my pumpkin time (adulting is hard!) I’m going to go before I make an ass out of myself.